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Build confidence and software coding skills, start coding with the 3ERobot Coder.

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An intuitive and simple text-based coding language is used to animate robot characters. Or students may choose to code with the popular scripting language called Javascript. Working with the 3ERobot Coder, students ages 6 to 60 can benefit from learning coding concepts that are common to all software coding languages.

The 3ERobot Coder is FREE to try and to use. Purchase a subscription to unlock additional functionality and to participate in software coding challenges and competitions.

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System Requirements

The 3ERobot Coder requires modern browser and computer technologies. Specifically, the computer and browser must support WebGL 3D Canvas graphics. Atlhough this application is designed for desktop computers, some mobile devices may also work.

The application is known to work with the desktop versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Edge web browsers, circa 2015. If you experience problems using this application, first try updating your browser to the latest version before trying the application on a different computer.

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Robot Images

Build on the software coding skills acquired using the 3ERobot Coder to control a real life-size humanoid robot.

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Using the 3ERobot Coder application, workshop instructors guide your students through the basics of software coding into more advanced concepts.

Several workshops allow the students to apply their coding skills by controlling our real life-size humanoid robot. As the students learn more about the technologies that make the robot work, their experiences are sure to leave a lasting impression.

The workshops are affordable and can be scheduled to accomodate your situation. Use the Contact Form below to request a detailed proposal customized to your needs.

--> Workshops offered by Yell! Academy

Expose your students to humanoid robotics, a great example of the application of science, technology, engineering, math and art.

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The lecture-style Robot Demonstrations use a life-size humanoid robot to expose the technology behind robots in terms the students can relate to.

Our Robot Demonstrations are presented in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding communities.

Fees for the demonstrations start at $175, $300, and $500 for a one hour demo, half-day session, and a full-day session, respectively.

Use the Contact Form below to request more information or to schedule a demonstration.

Get help pulling it all together with these community partners...

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YELL! Academy will give students in elementary, middle, and high school the opportunity to participate in a STEM Enrichment Program to help improve science and math skills. YELL! Academy’s goal is to maintain student interests in prospective careers as it relates to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). More about Yell! Academy...

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3E Robotics is dedicated to using humanoid robotics to spark the imaginations of students and to build confidence in their abilities to become engineers and scientists.

We believe that humanoid robotics and related technologies will serve an important role in our future, and a primary goal of ours is to help prepare our youth for it. 

We believe that Robotics is a fun and effective way to expose children to science, technology, engineering, and math.

We believe that the sooner we can expose our students to science, technology, engineering and math, the better prepared they will be to compete in and be a part of the future workforce. 

We strive to make lasting impressions that may make their future educational experiences more meaningful.


A Note from the Founder

I have always been fascinated with humanoid robots – robots or machines that mimic humans. I believe that machines are meant to make life easier for humans. The future offers many opportunities for machines that can better mimic human form, dexterity and function. Specifically, intelligent and mobile machines that can help us wherever we are - around the house, in our schools and in our businesses. My goal is to help "fill the pipeline" with creative and diverse engineers and scientists.

By presenting robotics demonstrations and workshops I hope to spark the imaginations of students and to build confidence in their abilities to become engineers and scientists.

You may have heard of the 3 Laws of Robotics from the science fiction literature of Isaac Asimov.  Well... We have the 3 E’s of Robotics - Entertaining, Educational, Evolutionary.

  • Our Robots are entertaining. They're fun to watch and fun to interact with.
  • Our Robots are educational. Robotics technologies covers many scientific and engineering disciplines.
  • Our Robots are evolutionary. Our robots will continuously improve, in small steps, as they become more practical and useful.

Stay tuned, the evolution is in progress.  And remember to -


Thank you,

Tony Clayvon
Founder and President
3E Robotics, LLC

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